IT Outsourced with SNS TechnologistsSNS Technologists is a comprehensive IT management service. Providing creative IT outsourcing has always been our focus as we work to meet the individual needs of our clients. And like yours, our business has evolved. We began our journey into IT outsourcing over a decade ago. Starting as Second Nature Solutions in Edmonton, we’ve grown a lot in our years of operation – building up a foundation of expertise, experience and most importantly, teamwork.

At SNS, we’ve always felt that working as a collective is our greatest strength. As a corporate family, we work with, consult with and provide mentorship to each other. Every technologist has unique skills; our close interaction results in a large body of knowledge that makes us stronger and directly benefits our clients.

However, the SNS team doesn’t just include our technologists – it extends to our clients. Because we primarily work with our clients at their office, we get to know them and their business. We become intimately acquainted with their IT challenges, allowing us to do our job more effectively while giving our clients convenient access to outsourced IT support.

“We went through two IT staff in two years, wasting time and money. Until we finally discovered SNS…now they take care of all our IT needs and we don’t have to worry about finding and training the right person.” SNS Client
The SNS technologists are a team of IT experts driven by a love for technology.

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At SNS, we’ve always felt that working as a collective is our greatest strength.

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SNS strongly believes that a company is only as good as its team members.

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