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SmileBack - SNS Technologists customer satisfaction

Ever wonder what the big smiley face in the menu of our website is for? It’s called SmileBack, and it measures how well our customer satisfaction is in real-time, on a per-ticket basis.

SNS SmileBack

This article discusses how SmileBack works and how it benefits you as current customer, future customer, or future employee.

How SmileBack Works

How SmileBack works

Clients email us for assistance (technical help, questions, issues, etc), this opens up a ticket at SNS. Once we’ve helped the client, the ticket is closed and a SmileBack email is sent to the client.

We ask the question “How did we do on this request?” and provide 3 reaction response options – positive, neutral and negative. Additionally, there is an optional spot to leave a more detailed response. We don’t want to survey our clients to death, so we utilize a simple tool that has three options to let us know how we did. This makes the process quick for the client.

SNS SmileBack Email

This is what an SNS SmileBack survey email looks like

All of our feedback is displayed openly on a big monitor in our Edmonton office. The header of our website displays our current score out of 100. Last quarter we had 1061 total responses. Of those, 98.5% were positive reactions, .8% neutral reactions and only .7% negative reactions.

To put this into perspective, the Telecom & Info Sector average is 71.7% positive reactions and the IT Service & Consultancy average is 95% positive reactions. We topped both industry averages last quarter.

SNS SmileBack Reaction Breakdown


To our knowledge, we’re the only IT firm in Edmonton to showcase real-time customer satisfactions (CSAT) scores on their website.

What’s the benefit of real-time customer feedback

We don’t want to over-survey our clients and believe that real-time per-ticket feedback gives us a more honest and effective way to measure our success, as opposed to occasional, quarterly or yearly customer satisfaction surveys.

Think of it this way. Let’s say you go to the restaurant down the street from your house several times a year. They have a yearly survey to gain feedback from their customers. On your latest visit your server went above and beyond, making a good experience that much better. You fill out the customer feedback form noting that their service is above and beyond excellent. The problem is: your opinion is swayed by that particular visit and doesn’t take into account the many other experiences you’ve had dining at this restaurant over the past year.

Anything positive or negative gets amplified and polarized, making it hard to judge the overall experience. By combining a per-ticket feedback system with a more in-depth yearly feedback survey we are able to gage our service from both a micro and macro level. It gives us a greater understanding of what we’re doing well and areas that we could potentially improve upon. Furthermore, having an instant feedback system allows us to take those micro feedbacks and not only see them individually, but also in combination as a whole. We’re able to both look at things from a day-to-day perspective as well as see the bigger picture of our services.

What this means for current customers

Thank you! We love to see our clients’ comments on the feedback they provide. We appreciate you taking the time to provide us quick feedback on a per-ticket basis. It helps us maintain a high quality of service and let’s us know potential areas of improvement. Your reactions and responses help keep our office an open and transparent place where providing quality service is of significant importance.

Know that when you leave a positive review, our staff see it and we know we are doing our jobs well. On the same token – know that we take every negative review seriously and always seek a way to remediate the issue. Anything less than a positive reaction, we reach out to see what we could have done better.  However, we will never ask you to change your review afterwards. Integrity is one of our four core values at SNS and we feel that doctoring the results would go against what we stand for as a company.

At the end of the day, a large part of our business depends on the relationship we form with our clients. We value these relationships dearly and work hard to provide the most transparent and open communications and best service possible.

What this means for future customers

Wouldn’t it be nice to know what type of service you’re going to get from a company prior to working with them? By always showing our SmileBack score in the header of our website, we put our quality of service out there for everyone to see. Since Integrity is one of the four core values at SNS and we don’t doctor any feedback – this keeps us honest, transparent and always working to a higher standard. We look to always maintain a high CSAT score and the only way to do this is to always provide quality service. We believe this gives us a unique advantage over our competitors – we openly share how well our customer satisfaction feedback is.

What this means for future employees

When you join SNS, you’re joining a team. Team is another one of our four core values. Our big SmileBack monitor in our Edmonton office keeps us all honest and accountable. Our SmileBack score is based on how our team is doing as a whole – meaning we must all work together to maintain a high score. Thus, it isn’t a competition between employees to see who has a better score, but a collaboration to provide exceptional service together – it’s a rewarding experience.

Our customer satisfaction plays a huge role in shaping our culture, the whole team works together to beat the industry average, and push even harder to be best in class.

Barett Olsen - Service Lead, SNS Technologists