“There are many long lasting relationships. Our clients are working side-by-side a Partner. This creates a different professional bond.”

Glen is our Director of Sales & Marketing here at SNS and has been working within the IT industry since 2004. In the early years he was interested in robotics – the mechanics and how all technology functions together in unison. He has always been geared towards problem solving, coming up with effective and efficient solutions. Glen was enrolled in Computer Science in University and successfully achieved a Mathematical Sciences Degree. From there he started to build upon his Server administration skills and attained many Microsoft Certifications. Glen specializes within SCCM, Standard Operating Environments, Scripting, Solution Architecture and Automation.

Glen is easily able to understand clients IT needs and communicate effective solutions. His interpersonal skills are apparent in his professionalism; as he strives towards excellence and completion. Glen believes in our core values and he genuinely wants our clients succeed. He enjoys working alongside with end users, creating a bond and educating them to utilize all functionalities. Glen has been gifted with the opportunity to witness the experience pool here at SNS expand continually, with specialized fields, developing distinct niches. With each new Partner joining the firm we are more adaptable to our client’s unique needs.

He and his girlfriend Jeanne live together with their Cat Sparta. Glen has spent a lot of time traveling, he has travelled to many different places throughout the world. He is passionate about learning and furthering his education.

Glen and other members of our team have ran to support the breast cancer foundation. Spreading awareness and supporting all those affected by this disease.

Glen has many unique attributes and is easily able to create and implement new technical systems that provide efficiency to workflow. We are honored to have Glen as a Partner.