“Education is in everything we do, mentoring our team and showing our clients that they can understand technology and put it to use!”

Jason Grilo is one of our Business Solutions Specialist. He specializes in off-site backups, hosted cloud file server systems and has mastered tracking information with analytics. He has successfully achieved a certificate in Digital Interactive Media and Design. Jason has extensive experience in digital marketing which has enabled him to evolve in many different areas professionally. Jason’s key assets are his background and experience. He strives towards professional development and continuous improvement.

Jason thrives being in the front line of the action, working with our client’s one on one. Utilizing technology and all the resources available through IT. Jason has the ability to effortlessly demonstrate functionalities of operating systems, implement procedures and create effective processes. He enjoys sharing his knowledge with others, assisting in educating and mentoring. Jason believes that SNS helps hone in on the Big Picture with our clients. There are so many different personalities within our Partner firm that complement our clients, building compatible professional relationships.

He has volunteered for many years at Teen Time, which is a non-denominational youth camp. He built their website and volunteers during the summer camps. For more information please visit: www.teentime.ab.ca

Jason is passionate about the music industry. He plays in a modern rock band here in Edmonton, AB. In his spare time he works as a live sound technician at many events and venues. He runs a tech crew and plays in the live band for the Beverly Heights Variety Show, which is an adult comedy. Jason has been working and volunteering there for the last 11 years.

Jason has proven time and time again that he is an asset here at SNS and it is a pleasure to have him, his talents and abilities brought forth to the Partner table.