“Our service integration into your business is paramount to our success.”

Jeremy is one of our Business Solutions Specialist. He went to school for Networking Administration. Being in the IT field since 2002, Jeremy has always been fascinated with the realm of Information Technology. He can trace this fascination back to when he was 8 years old when his grandparents had given him a plastic computer. He took this as a challenge to take the toy apart, discover how it worked and put it back together again. During his high school years, Jeremy knew he wanted to pursue a career path in Technology. Jeremy tends to specialize in all challenges presented and is easily able to adapt to situations.

Jeremy’s skills include a flair for creative thinking and has the natural ability to see situations from a different perspective. One of the traits included in his creative thinking includes the gift of being able to translate technical terms and language into a dialect everyone can clearly understand. Jeremy’s role within SNS’ evolving vision would include him leading the technical division for Enterprise size clients. He enjoys Project Management, mentoring clients and staff alike. Jeremy is striving towards being the lead in Technical Management.

Jeremy is equally passionate about things he does in his personal time. Music, one of his biggest passions, is enjoyed in many forms – hearing a new song, revisiting classics, or learning something new on the piano. He thoroughly enjoys many different genres of music and does not shy from sharing. You can also expect to find him tinkering with many different projects in his garage or on his computer.

Jeremy exceeds expectations with everything he puts his mind to, whether it be at work or in his spare time with his hobbies. His dedication, sincerity and professional demeanour makes his unique set of abilities an integral part of our Partner group. We are grateful he is on board with us.