SNS was tasked with moving servers, printers, and network equipment for Bishop & McKenzie LLP – an office of 90 people. The goal was to have as little downtime as possible.

SNS’ Process

Work began Friday end of work day and continued through the weekend. The move needed to be entirely complete no later than Monday morning, before the beginning of the work week. To meet this goal, we took a multi-step process to ensure everything was as quick and seamless as possible:

  • Several walkthroughs were done with the general contractor to confirm space requirements, network and phone drops, power requirements, and AC requirements in the server room. Follow up was key, in order to confirm that milestones would be met.
  • New internet connection was procured for the new space. It was installed, configured and tested well before the move in date.
  • New firewall and network equipment was procured for the new space. It was also installed, configured and tested well before the move in date.
  • As much new infrastructure as possible was installed before the move in date. Small items such as new power bars and network patch cable for phones and computers were also put in place beforehand, to make sure that cables were long enough to reach where phones and computers were to be placed on desks.
  • All information and documentation to move the DNS/MX records to new ISP were gathered before the move and tested. This allowed for seamless and stress-free cut over once the servers had been moved.
  • On day of, we divided into teams – desktop moving and set up team and server moving and setup team. Desktop team set up the workstations in the new offices. Server team removed all servers from the old location, moved and racked them in the new location confirming that all services were again available including file and print, internet connectivity, email, authentication etc.
  • Connection to their Calgary office was re-established and tested.
  • Connection to spam filtering services were re-established and tested.


SNS was able to successfully help our client move an office of 90, taking care of the technological infrastructure, servers and network equipment. Our knowledge and forethought meant that a seamless transition was possible. We were able to complete the task in the allotted timeframe, meaning there wasn’t any unnecessary downtime. Bishop & McKenzie LLP could rest assured knowing all their technology was set up properly and working in their new office.

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