SNS was approached by an organization in the education industry who suffered a RAID (redundant array of independent disks) failure. The consequences of a RAID failure can be extremely severe because you can lose your valuable data, information and files. In this particular case, data was lost and all servers were unrecoverable. The organization turned to us to remediate the situation.

SNS’ Process

We took a three step approach to finding a solution to the problem at hand:

  • The first step was to recover the data that was salvageable.
  • The next step was to ensure this problem would not occur in the future. We took over the IT Management needs of the company in the short term and helped train their current staff. We also provided additional in-house tech support until the company was able to hire individuals with the sufficient knowledge and understanding to be able to meet their day-to-day IT needs.
  • Once these positions were filled, we continued to work with the client in a consultancy role. To this day, we are proud to maintain this valued relationship.


SNS was able to help the client recover quickly from this disaster scenario. Throughout the process, we leveraged a number of managerial and technical resources. SNS scaled appropriately as the client’s needs shifted and moved during the process. SNS created a safe, solid network and helped transition it to the IT Manager. We continue to help the client through regular audits and IT strategy. The client continues to rely on SNS Technologists for IT guidance, training and expertise.

Our Team is Here to Help

The SNS Technologists are a team of experts. Driven by a love for technology, these IT professionals are the backbone of SNS.

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