At SNS we leverage all the experience and talent that we have developed over our many years working with a variety of industries to create first class solutions in K-12 educational settings. We have designed and implemented complete infrastructure and process overhauls to the networks and technical teams deployed in schools. We have also come alongside existing school IT departments to provide them up-to-date products and solutions, which enable them to bring cutting edge technology to administration and teachers and better serve their student’s needs.

We believe that the infrastructure that manages the backend systems for education (policies and procedures, accounting and grades management) needs to have a solid foundation. We ensure that the equipment and programs implemented is of enterprise grade, reliable and responsive to the needs of administrators, helping them to be agile and budget conscious.
Teachers need solid technology to plan, manage and deliver their curriculum. They need modern tools that leverage the power of the Internet and multimedia applications to augment their pedagogy. We build a solid network backbone. This allows a variety of devices in the hands of students and teachers to have quick and reliable access to discover and consume information, communicate effectively in the classroom and beyond and create authentic learning experiences using a variety of applications. We find the right mix of digital presentation tools, desktop, laptop, mobile devices coupled with local applications and cloud services to build a modern technology platform that prepares students for their future.
While we provide traditional workshop environments to help train the administration and instruction staff to leverage all that their network has to offer, we believe in that first class embedded training makes the difference. Our IT coaches are certified teachers who come into the classroom and teach real lessons alongside teaching staff utilizing technology. In this way teachers are in-serviced in the field! Teachers experience first hand the difference technology can make to engage students in meaningful learning.

At SNS we deliver the entire package. We apply our vision and values to the education environment to partner with all the stakeholders – all with the common goal: to deliver a solution that pushes students to excel in their studies.