Providing Strategic Planning and Ongoing IT Direction.

CIO-level guidance and planning solution available to your business, as a service. Focusing on your business goals and IT alignment, our consultants give mid-size businesses the expertise and value of a technology advisor without the cost of an in-house CIO.

Benefits Include:

  • Understand your business goals to envision opportunities and gain a strategic advantage with technology
  • Plan for growth and profitability as a resource of your management team
  • Help control budgets by reducing “ad-hoc” technology expenses
  • Empower staff to succeed through engagement and education
  • Reduce cost with an on-demand relationship and all the continuity benefits of full time CIO/CITs
  • Centralized planning to proactively manage projects impacted by IT
  • Drive company goals by understanding how your business works
  • While most companies seek the advice of trusted advisors, such as an accountants or attorneys, there are times when small business owners need guidance with their organization’s IT strategy and operations aligned with their business goals.
  • When in-house expertise is out-of-reach, unaffordable, or impractical, SNS Business Technology Consultants are your trusted technology partners. Our process will uncover your perspective of technology in your business, not just the software and hardware that supports it.

SNS can help you:

  • Measure and assess your current business processes, identifying issues and opportunities for improvement, refining selected processes to ensure your whole operation reaches a superior level of exceptional performance.
  • Improve visibility to and access to key data, by surfacing information in highly dynamic ways from multiple sources, enabling transformation, collaboration and improved productivity across the organization.
  • Delivering value from existing investments such as Office and SharePoint and other line of business applications and such as CRMs, ERPs and more.