President Jeremy Hayward Talks SNS Core Values: Ownership

SNS Core Values - Ownership

SNS is guided by 4 core values – Integrity, Team, Ownership and Evolve. Here’s a look at what Ownership means to us:

At SNS, we believe in the importance of breaking down the traditional barriers of a company and allowing everyone to be on an equal playing field. In other words, everyone should feel as though they are equal with everyone else in the company, regardless of their position. One of the ways we make that happen is through Ownership. For the culture of a company to thrive, it’s essential for everyone to take Ownership and responsibility for their decisions.

I always tell our employees there’s absolutely nothing wrong with coming to me for help, but I also always encourage them to make the final decision on their own. You’re going to make mistakes, there’s no way around that. We all make mistakes -myself included-  but you learn so much more by making and taking Ownership for those mistakes than you do by allowing others to pave the path for you. In my eyes, it’s not the mistakes that matter but rather how you accept those mistakes and turn them into an opportunity to learn and grow. That’s taking Ownership, and that’s what is important to me.

On my side, it’s imperative that I put trust into the process and into the people. I am a firm believer in not micromanaging. It’s evident to me that no one as an individual, nor the company as a whole, can grow if we don’t give people the opportunity to take Ownership for their decisions. Again, it comes back to putting trust in people. We have budgets and guidelines put in place, and if everyone is playing within those boundaries we must have confidence in their decision-making capabilities. We trust that if something should go awry, everyone here is willing to take Ownership for their misstep so we can come together and get things back on track.