Can you Spot the SNS IT Technologist?

Imagine having all your IT needs handled without any of the hassle that comes from hiring and training staff — nor any of the deficiencies that result from relying on call-centre IT consultants. SNS Technologists is a managed services provider in Western Canada that services Edmonton, Calgary and Vancouver.

We work closely with you, first identifying the technology-related obstacles that your company faces and then coming up with an effective IT management solutions.

Implementing and supporting these IT solutions is an SNS technologist. Working in your office, your SNS partner is matched to your company based on skills that fit your individual needs. This partnership lets them get to know you and your IT systems in a unique way. A plan that involves long-term proactive management allows SNS to respond to your evolving needs, growing your solutions to match the growth of your company.

Our primary goal at SNS is to develop a strong relationship with every one of our clients. This may seem like a daunting task, but we’ve developed a real knack for it.

The Advantages

  • An in-house presence – forging an intimate relationship with your business and its IT systems
  • Technologists who keep their knowledge up-to-date through regular training, team meetings and peer mentorship
  • The benefits of a whole team of IT professionals with all their diverse skills
  • We work when you work… and then some
  • Proactive IT solutions that reduce your downtime and increase productivity
  • 24/7 customer support – so we’re there when you need us